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- It's okay to give of your time 90 seconds to know what the problem Field and the Muslims.
Story short:
Independent state called Arakan by three million Muslims

Start them from spreading Islam in the name Field neighboring state with the majority Buddhist
In 1784 ie before the two hundred and thirty years malice Buddhists against Muslims in Arakan Vharboha and killed Muslims in and they did their Alovail and been incorporated Arakan of Burma and changed its name to (Myanmar) and became part of Burma and became Muslims after they were in an independent state have become a minority (numbering three or four million
) and the majority Buddhist population and fifty million

The fact that an independent Muslim villages where they live and where they trade associations and ensure their mosques and preachers
These Burmese Buddhists attacks on the Muslim villages to evacuate them from their homes has become.
And before not too long ago and signed a horrific massacre, where intercepted a group of Buddhists fierce bus carrying ten of the preachers of Memorizers of the Quran who were touring with a Muslim villages Ihfezounam Qur'an and invite them to God and teach them their religion and Azojohm Affairs

Objected to this miserable group bus preachers, and they took drive them out and beat him severely and then made messing in their bodies with knives, and then they took connect to San one of them and Anzonh of an episode of Girma pity or mercy, all of that just to hatred trove because they were calling to God and know people of religion and the Koran

Then they made the challenging preachers with knives and cut off their hands and their feet until they died one after the other

Muslims railed defense of preachers and imams of mosques and Khtabaihm
Buddhists, accept them and starting burning village after the other until the number of homes burned in 2600 reached the beta, where he died from Matt fled fled, and fled from the 90 000 villages by sea and land is still in the slaughter and murder of Muslims continues.
We all ask himself what he's doing to them
And duty toward them now are two things:
First to let them
Second, people know their cause and published between people by all means

We apologize to publish some pictures that violate human rights

Curse on the world and spends based associations to protect animals .. not extend a helping hand to the children of sex ..




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