10 Benefits Of Fasting In Ramadan



Fasting is one of the pillars of Islam imposed by Allah on Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. But in spite of that, many people Vejehl amazing health benefits of fasting. Fasting effective health exercise, they have been applied properly. Fasting helps get rid of toxins out of the body, and reduces the proportion of sugars in the blood, also helps to reduce fat storage. In addition, considerably strengthens fasting healthy eating habits, it is also working to strengthen the immune system. Here are the 10 most important health benefits you can take advantage of them during fasting.

1. Fasting enhances detoxification

The foods already contain many manufacturers of preservatives and additives. Those additions turn into toxins within the body. Many of these toxins are stored in body fat, and during fasting are burning those fats, especially when fasting for a longer period. That helps get rid of toxins through the liver, kidneys and other organs of the body responsible for getting rid of toxins

2. fasting works on the palm of the digestive system

During fasting, the digestive system has a period of rest. You continue normal physiological functions, especially the secretion of digestive juices, but with a lower rate. And such practices help to keep the balance of body fluids. Digest food also happens fixed rates, which works on energy production rates gradually. However, Fasting does not prevent the secretion of gastric acids, therefore, patients who suffer from stomach ulcers caution is advised when fasting

3. Fasting helps to treat infections

Some studies have confirmed that fasting helps to cure some diseases of inflammation and allergies including arthritis, and psoriasis

4. Fasting helps to lower blood sugar levels

Where the fast break is working to increase glucose and produce energy for the body, which helps to reduce the production of insulin. This helps to rest the pancreas, helping to increase the production of glycogen to facilitate the process of glucose break. And this helps to reduce fasting blood sugar levels

5. Fasting helps to increase fat burning

Where the first response of the body during fasting glucose is broken. Making it easier to break the fat to produce the necessary energy for the body, especially the fat stored in the kidneys and muscles

6. Fasting is beneficial to patients with high blood pressure

Fasting is one of the natural remedies to lower blood pressure levels, which helps to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. During fasting is fat burning and cracking glucose to produce the necessary energy for the body. Metabolic rates also go down, hormones Kalodreynalan rates go down, thereby helping to lower blood pressure levels

7. fasting stimulates weight loss

Fasting stimulates weight loss quickly. Where fasting works to prevent the storage of fat in the body


8. Fasting promotes healthy eating habits

It has been observed that fasting helps to reduce appetite toward eating prepared foods. Instead, fasting stimulates the desire to eat healthy foods, especially fruits and water

9. fasting strengthens the immune system

When a balanced diet between periods of fasting, it helps to strengthen the immune system, detoxify the body and reduce fat storage. When eating fruit for breakfast, it helps to enhance the nutritional content of the body of vitamins and minerals.
Also vitamins A and E are excellent elements of antioxidants, which help to strengthen the i
mmune system as well

10. Fasting helps to overcome addiction problems

Some researchers have confirmed that fasting helps to overcome the addiction to nicotine and caffeine and other problems. Despite the presence of some therapeutic systems that help treat addiction, but that fasting has an active role in such cases



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