Facts You Know For The First Time Falcons

Facts you know for the first time falcons

Falcon live to 70, but up to this age must take a very difficult decision what should he do? When up to the age of forty lose his fingernails flexibility and unable to catch prey and is the source of its food and become a strong beak Makova very sharp bend .. Because of his age it becomes heavy wings due to the weight of the weight of feathers and stick the chest and aviation becomes very difficult for him !! This Alzerouk Falcon put in a difficult option to receive either the death or the process of painful change very for (150 days), what should he do?! The falcon flew...

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10 Benefits Of Fasting In Ramadan

10 Benefits of fasting in Ramadan

        Fasting is one of the pillars of Islam imposed by Allah on Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. But in spite of that, many people Vejehl amazing health benefits of fasting. Fasting effective health exercise, they have been applied properly. Fasting helps get rid of toxins out of the body, and reduces the proportion of sugars in the blood, also helps to reduce fat storage. In addition, considerably strengthens fasting healthy eating habits, it is also working to strengthen the immune system. Here are the 10 most important...

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How Do You Know That Someone Thinks About You At The Moment? (Part - One )

How do you know that someone thinks about you at the moment? (part - one )

From a scientific fact scientists But .... this is really not science or math but are Psychology Let's see Now reflect on the following text ................. How do you know that someone thinks about you at the moment? Topics Albarrasaikologi not subject to measurement is not repeatable, but is a Chronicle of recurrence is possible but it is not Constant law governed .... What you today is what is Menderj under this type of Science is possible that tomorrow it is possible, but is important that .... hindsight Frequent shows his sincerity even though...

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U Need To Know That

u need to know that

To know the value of one year Ask the students failed the exam! To know the value of one month. . Ask either put her baby in a month Eighth ! To know the value of one week. . Ask the editor of a weekly ! To know the value of a single day. . Ask factor daily wage sponsors several Children ! To know the value of one hour. . Ask a fighter waiting for the signal to start the battle ! To know the value of one minute. . Ask people to travel in the country of his death date Walking...

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What Does Your Body Through Just 15 Seconds?

What does your body through just 15 seconds?

Your heart beats 18 times what I mean put 1.2 grams of carbon dioxide binary Your body produces 48 million red blood cell and blood travels a distance of 2 miles Your body generates 100 watts of power, enough to light a large house room Consists # Tips to maintain the safety of brain : - Use the left ear to answer the phone and Mobile - Do not drink coffee twice a day - Do not take pharmaceutical cereal with cold water . - Drink plenty of water in the morning and in the evening a little...

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31 Little Known Scientific Facts That'll Hopefully Blow Your Mind.

31 little Known Scientific Facts That'll Hopefully Blow Your Mind.

Science is awesome, and that's the truth. We have science to thank for the modern era, and all the cool things that come with it. However sometimes there is just so much science going on out there, that amazing facts and discoveries get overlooked. So, I present to you a list of 31 little known, but still utterly amazing scientific facts, guaranteed to blow you mind. Or at least make you say "Hmm, interesting," especially #16.  ...

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Intelligent Poet

Intelligent poet

    Intelligent poet A man went to the king and the king said Oncdh poetry : Ask for what you want He said: Do you give me ? He said, in order to He wanted to give me such dinars figure that I remember in the Quranic verses He said: love and dignity The poet said : Allah said : " God is one God " gave him Dinara He said: " the second two as they are in the cave ," gave him two dinars He said: " Do not tell three finished " gave him three He said:...

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Gaza Under Bombardment

Gaza under bombardment

Gaza under bombardment  We are in our Blog here do not specialize in publishing political news, but we specialize publish facts and information about the Universal Life,  which Ntaaischha but given what we see of aggression, barbaric and brutal on the man and his humanity.  we published these facts, today we publish tragedies barbaric Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip,  which can Description of this aggression foolish treacherous amid the silence of international human rights and his humanity,  and what...

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故宫在中国 / المدينه المحرمه

故宫在中国 / المدينه المحرمه

  故宫在中国 故宫,或紫禁城,北京城的历史古迹。宫坐落在城市的心脏,在场上的北部, “天安门。在世界文化遗产被联合国教科文组织分类 , 是中国最重要的旅游目的地之一。故宫位于北京市中心。这是我家的帝王的住所, “明”与“清”,并且是远近闻名的“紫禁城”,建设花了14年(公元1406至20 年)。这是保存完好的古宫殿是中国最大的集合,有大约一万件珍稀文物的故宫...

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Sayings Scientists And Celebrities In The Prophet Muhammad

Sayings scientists and celebrities in the Prophet Muhammad

in the name of allah 1 / say (Mahatma Gandhi) in an interview with the newspaper "Young India": " I wanted to know the characteristics of the man who has a dispute with the hearts of millions of people .. I have become convinced conviction that the sword was not the means by which Islam has its place, but that was through the simplicity of the Prophet, with the accuracy and truth of the promises, and his dedication and devotion to his friends and followers, and courage with absolute confidence in the Lord and in his letter. These are the...

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